2018/6/9 (SAT) 新大久保EARTHDOM&水族館
3.5 STAGES /// 12:00 ~ 23:00

Chaotic Circuit Festival OOO!



OOO! Is a chaotic circuit festival, crossing the borders of genre, media, geography, and nationality. OOO! Covers any kinds of innovative live performances not only bands and table electronics, but also new media arts, body performances, and etc.

And this year, we have a new proposition about the meaning of money. Several new trials to collect money based on the concept we propose, and the redistribution of merits as fair as possible for all the participants.

Photos coutesy of James Hadfield, Shiho Aketagawa, Yosuke Sato

Artists & Timetable

ARTISTS 参加アーティスト


OOO! covers any kind of innovative live performance - not only bands and table electronics, but also new media arts, body performance, etc from Hamamatsu, Hiroshima, Okayama, Osaka, Poland, Switzerland, Tokyo, Turkey, Yamanashi, etc!!! ???????

Tickets & Crowdfunding

OOO!にピンとくるものがあって遊びに行きたいけど、残念ながら今はお財布事情が、、、という方にもぜひ来ていただきたいし、逆にOOO!に何か意味を見出してもう一歩関わりたいと思ってくださる方からはサポートをお願いします!! 集まったお金は、売れている売れていないに関わらず全ての参加者に可能な限り極力フラットに還元します!!!

We would love to welcome anybody who is interested in OOO! We don't mind if you have little or no money, or if you have enough money to willingly invest more in OOO! - we greatly appreciate any and every support!


OOO!7 x DOMMUNE - Talk & Showcase!!!!!!!
5.29 / 19:00~
APOCALYPTO x 福居ショウジン / Kazehito Seki / LIKE WEEDS (ex-FACILAMESS) / LZ129 × Saiko / Nunk on Droise / XU/XU / 置石 / 砂肝


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