SM NOISEは、露骨で本格的なSMパフォーマンスと共に、ハーシュでインテンスなノイズを奏でる事で、ノイズミュージックシーンの中でも一際強烈な磁場を提示する。

SM NOISE, is a harsh glitch action noise piece with non simulated and explicit SM practice, bringing an intense performative dimension in noise music. The performers Marquise, Clemydia, Maszkowicz & Nelson* are evolving and switching in the space with microcontacts, feedback effects, and brainwave generators.


COSMOS by GÉNÉRATEURS, is a deep and long galactic dive that offers a vertiginous space and time travel into consciousness. The artist-engineer produces a powerful sound by using multi-channel expansion and precisely tuned frequencies for creating binaural beats and hypnotic brainwaves.


FU, with eir impressive sounds and intriguing sets, builds immersive soundscapes with hypnotic beats and subtle melodies. Eir machines and sequencers bring together raw chaotic sounds with well controlled feedbacks and drones, like a deep breath of psychoactive and colorful fumes, strong and caring at the same time.

NELSON LANDWEHR – 彼のDJセットは、観客をまるで夜中じゅう魔法の絨毯でトリップさせるような、瞑想的でエネルギーあふれるダンスミュージックを提供する。

NELSON LANDWEHR – DJ SET is into energizing and meditative dance music that brings the audience on their flying carpet for a trip that will last all throughlong the night.