Crowdfunding Report


決算報告 / Balance


収入 Income

支出 Outgoing

出演アーティストへのコスト補填費 *下に明記した目安額を支給 / Compensation for the aritsts *We pay/paid the amount we proposed as below ¥135,190
クラウドファンディング収入 *当日までの分 / Money from the crowdfunding *Until and the date and on the date ¥106,908
クラウドファンディングからアースダムへの還元 / Distribution from the crowdfunding to Earthdom(106908x44%) ¥47,039
入場収入 (87名) / Door money (87 people) ¥112,800
入場収入からアースダムへの還元 / Distribution from the Doormoney to Earthdom(112800 x 44%) ¥49,632
水族館レンタル費用 / Rental fee for Suizokukan ¥20,000
クラウドファンディング収入 *後日追加分 / Money from the crowdfunding *After the date ¥28,884
宣伝広報費(グラフィックデザイン人件費+ウェブデザイン人件費+フライヤー印刷費)/ Publicity expenses (Graphic artist fee + Web designer fee + Flyer expense) ¥19,440
当日運営費(水族館PA人件費+印刷費)/ Expense for the organisation (Acoustic engneer fee + small printing stuffs) ¥5,770
スペシャルグッズ生産費 / Expenses for the special goods ¥36,900
小計 / Subtotal ¥248,592 ¥313,971
総計 / Total balance   -¥65,379





Dear, all the participants,

How was OOO!7? Thank you really really really much for your participation on this proposition with the ucommon condition. I apologise for the delays and many uncomfortableness caused by such a DIY organisation.

I found so many hopes and points to improve.
Sadly we finally lost money, which means we didn't make a surplus to compensate 100% of the artists’ necessary costs nor to pay the artist fee. But still, more than 100,000 yen was raised by this crowdfunding, and besides the money, so many people participated by volunteering in various ways.

I can never thank enough to all your participations, by your performances, with the crowdfunding, as the audience, by volunteering, and Earthdom, Suizokukan.


calque * / Clémentine Gilliéron (SM NOISE / Switzerland) * / Daniel Maszkowicz (SM NOISE / Switzerland) * / Dave Skipper * / GyazaiGyozo (福岡) / KAW / Kenny Sanderson (LIKE WEEDS) * / Luke Tandy (Skelton Dust Records / Ohio, USA) / Michel Barengo (Five Pound Pocket Universe, Switzerland) / Ryo Inoue aka Captain Snare Lynch (Ameri B.C) / アイケイイチ - Xeiichi Ai / レンカ - Renka(異形人 - Igyojin) * / 児玉澄子 - Sumiko Kodama 外川剛寛 - Takehiro Togawa (広島) / 山本謙治 - Kenji Yamamoto / 徳久ウィリアム - William Tokuhisa / 流水辰巳 - Tatsumi Ryusui (Berliln) / 金城孝 - Takashi Kinjo / 関直美 - Naomi Seki
*出演者 - Artists who performed


Special Thanks to 葉朗 - HARO (アートワーク/デザイン - Artwork / Design) / 岡崎絶太郎 - Zhetto Okazaki (ウェブデザイン - Web design) / Dave Skipper (英文校正 - English Proofreading) / 新澤美佳 - Mika Shinzawa (翻訳 - Translation) / 濁朗 - Darklaw (PA) / James Hadfield (Photos) / Shiho Aketagawa (Photos) / Shinnosuke Suzuki (Photos)

Tickets & Crowdfunding



OOO!にピンとくるものがあって遊びに行きたいけど、残念ながら今はお財布事情が、、、という方にもぜひ来ていただきたいし、逆にOOO!に何か意味を見出してもう一歩関わりたいと思ってくださる方からはサポートをお願いします!! 集まったお金は、売れている売れていないに関わらず全ての参加者に可能な限り極力フラットに還元します!!! We would love to welcome anybody who is interested in OOO! We don't mind if you have little or no money, or if you have enough money to willingly invest more in OOO! - we greatly appreciate any and every support!



The price at the door is not fixed. Everyone who comes can just pay as much as he/she wants between 1,000 - 10,000 yen.
You can even donate more during the festival if you are moved by the performances – anything is appreciated!
*Please order at least 1 drink at each venue.

クラウドファンディング Crowdfunding

クラウドファンディングには、ただお金を集めるだけでなく、トピックを作って盛り上げる、 コンセプトや概要に対してお客さんを巻き込んだディスカッション/賛同という意味合いがあります。 OOO!でも2016年にクラウドファンディングを行い113,500円を集めました。出資いただいた皆さん誠にありがとうございました!!!!! コンセプトと収支予算は下の通りです。終了後には決算表をきちんと報告します。

Crowdfunding isn’t just for collecting money, but also for having discussions and creating excitement for the event. Best of all is for us to reach an agreement on the concept among all who will participate, including the audience. In 2016 we collected 113,500 yen from crowdfunding for OOO! Warmest thanks to all those who participated!!!!! Our concept is clearly described, including the detailed budget, and we will properly report the accounts after the festival.

続きを読む / Read more


今までやり方の中で最も一般的なのは、有名な人にだけ先方の言い値でギャラを払う、無名の人は無償(あまつさえ新人からはノルマを取ることも)、というパターンでしょう。 今回のOOO!では、まず交通費やパフォーマンスにかかる消耗品費等のコストを支給、またはお金以外の方法でカバーするようにします。理想としてはこれらコストの完全支給+人件費としてのアーティストフィーを全員に公平にお渡ししたいと考えています。 「ネームバリュー=ギャラ」ではなく、出演者全員を対等に扱う以上もちろんラインナップのクオリティは徹底します!

The most common way to pay artists in Japan is to pay famous people as much as they ask, but pay nothing for not-so-famous artists (even taking money from beginners in the name of “Ticket Noruma”). OOO!7 will prioritise covering artists' necessary expenses such as travel costs, parking, items spent on the performance, etc, by money and/or other benefits. Ideally, we will fully cover these costs as well as being able to distribute artist fees equally among all the participants. Of course, we guarantee the quality of the bill since we treat all the performers equally instead of following the idea of “Name value = payment”.


On the bill of OOO! we have some big names who have already had a brilliant career, as well as those who are not well-known and are just beginning to build their name value. But we carefully curate the lineup and desire that all the participants are artists who should be known at the same level. There is an idea that those highly experienced experts must be respected more, but we are sure that all the participants of OOO!7 have enough quality to be treated equally. When we collaborate with other artists, the performance must be an equal communication, no matter how famous or experienced the collaborator is.


Another thing is that it costs more for some artists depending on what kind of instruments/gear they use, or where they live. For example, travelling artists need transportation and accommodation, those with a huge pile of gear need to pay for car parking, or some artists spend several thousand yen (or even tens of thousand yen) for one performance. This time, we are trying to make it as fair as possible. Payment to the artist includes the compensation of these necessary costs in addition to the artist fee as personnel pay.


However, of course I know that it’s normal for many of us to perform for free (unpaid work), and I understand there are implications to setting a minimum guarantee for all artists in these circumstances, but I want to balance the artists who actually cost money with those who don’t, as well as with the total balance of OOO!, so that everything is as fair as possible.



Sometimes some participants get paid tens of thousands of yen to play at big festivals (with grants or sponsorships), while they also participate in small events with small budgets that try to pay a few thousand yen or even only coins. In other (Western) countries it is also quite common to treat artists with food, drink, accommodation, and so on, besides the money.
By way of personal example, the highest treatment that I (Kazehito) received so far was around 80,000 yen (breakdown: 500CHF for artist fee + transportation + 2 weeks accommodation with food and drink). But also I do perform for free sometimes.

Each of you has different financial circumstances. Let’s make this edition of OOO! brilliant by this new way and with your passion!!!!!!!


Money for the artists





Transportation expenses

- Tokyo (local) / Train fare round trip.
- Outside Tokyo / Payment according to the distance travelled and the balance of OOO!7 / rough estimate of around 5000 yen.
- Overseas / 5000 yen minimum guarantee + a fair redistribution of profits with other participants if we get a surplus.

Compensation for other specific necessary costs for the performance.

* We endeavour to achieve this as far as possible!
- If you need a car for carrying gear, we will guarantee 2000 yen for parking.

*Of course we will also do anything we can to support artists, such as finding accommodation, etc. Huge thanks to everyone who is not part of the OOOSOUND team but are helping out in any way!












アーティストフィー *必要経費を引いた上で黒字額を全員平等に支給


Our balance

売上目標 / Income target 340,000
チケット収入 / Door money 240,000
クラウドファンディング / Crowdfunding + Donation 100,000
支出見込 / Expected expenditure 340,000
EARTHDOM 150,000 (約44%)
水族館 / Suizokukan 20,000 (約6%)
アーティスト還元 / For the artists 140,000 (約41%)
宣伝広報費 / Publicity expenses 30,000 (約9%)




Sadly, this calculation is still not enough to pay a decent artist fee, nor even to compensate 100% of the necessary costs. If we get a surplus more than the above, we will pay more to all the participants according to the above percentages.
Your participation is truly appreciated!!!!!!!


I try to make it fair so that every participant (every artist, venue, audience member, volunteer, etc), each of whom has different circumstances, can get something from the festival, not only money-wise but in the sense of solidarity (instead of some people profiting while others lose).

と、ここまで強めのことを書きましたが、、とはいえそれがが完璧な正解で、今後全てにおいてこのやり方が正しいというつもりではありません。とりあえず今回のOOO!はこのコンセプトでやってみます。 これから皆さんの間で議論が広がり、個々の正解を探っていくきっかけになればと思っています。

Well, maybe I have written a bit aggressively above because these are quite new concepts in Tokyo's music scene... But please note that I do not mean that this is the completely perfect answer to this issue, nor that this is only the way to go forward into the future. We are trying out this concept at this edition of OOO!, and I truly hope that this will create further discussions among us all, and that this can be a new opportunity for everyone to search for possible answers to these issues, for participants (not only the artists but everyone involved) alike in all our varied circumstances.


We received by now

¥91,122 / ¥100,000 (¥150,000)

*The paypal transaction fee, etc will be deducted from this number.


12 people are supporting by now!
It depends on the number of audience adn how much they donate, but if we could reach ¥150,000, the stretch goal, highly likely we can pay abit more to all the participants besides the minimum guaranteed compensation.

Big big thanks to:
Dave Skipper
山本謙治 / Kenji Yamamoto
Kenny Sanderson
Luke Tandy
Michel Barengo
関直美 / Naomi Seki
児玉澄子 / Sumiko Kodama
外川剛寛 / Takehiro Togawa
Tatsumi Ryusui
徳久ウィリアム / William Tokuhisa
アイケイイチ / Xeiichi Ai


Crowdfunding packages and rewards

*Might be shipped after the event depending on the stock status.
*Click here if you prefer bank transfer instead of paypal.

¥1900~2900 / エントリーパック
The Entry Package

Special thank you movie + Ticket

値段を選んでください / Choose your price

¥2900~4900 / ベーシックパック
The Basic Package

*W36cm×H37cm, ストラップ55cm, 厚み8.3oz, 10l

Maniacal tote bag, exclusively designed by HARO + Special thank you movie + Ticket
Totally new and specially made for OOO!7, by HARO, organizer of ‘NHK?!’ and most beloved genius freak who won’t stop shitting nitrogen on the underground scenes of Hiroshima.
*W36cm×H37cm, Strap55cm, Thickness8.3oz, 10l

値段を選んでください / Choose your price

¥4900~6900 / LOVE OOO! パック
The LOVE OOO! Package

葉朗特製LOVE OOO! Tシャツ(ホワイトボディ)+お礼メッセージビデオ+入場権
*GILDAN 6ozボディ

LOVE OOO! T-shirt(white), exclusively designed by HARO + Special thank you movie + Ticket
The one and only HARO’s Maniacal artwork reconstructed with a hint of love woven into a T-shirt.
Find the hidden LOVE and be granted joy
*GILDAN 6oz body

値段を選んでください / Choose your price

¥6900~9900 / LOVE ONLY FOR YOUパック

葉朗特製LOVE OOO! Tシャツ(特注スペシャルカラー&お名前プリント)+お礼メッセージビデオ+入場権
通常はホワイトボディにブラックプリントのみのLOVE OOO! Tシャツのをあなたの好みに合わせてボディとプリントカラーを自在にカスタマイズ可能!
*GILDAN 6ozボディ

LOVE OOO! T-shirt(special in selectable colors, with your name printed), exclusively designed by HARO + Special thank you movie + Ticket
The LOVE OOO! T-shirt, normally made in white with black ink, can be customized to your demand in a variety of base and ink colors to choose from!
Plus! Your own name will be carved onto it too!!!
*GILDAN 6oz body

値段を選んでください / Choose your price

¥9900~14900 / コンプリートパック
The Complete Package

葉朗特製LOVE OOO! Tシャツ(特注スペシャルカラー&お名前プリント)+葉朗特製メニクルデザイントートバッグ+お礼メッセージビデオ+入場権

LOVE OOO! T-shirt(special in selectable colors, with your name printed), exclusively designed by HARO + Maniacal tote bag, exclusively designed by HARO + Special thank you movie + Ticket

The complete edition of OOO!7’s exclusive merchandise!!!!

値段を選んでください / Choose your price

¥11111~77777 / VIPパック
The VIP Package

葉朗特製LOVE OOO! Tシャツ(特注スペシャルカラー&お名前プリント)+葉朗特製メニクルデザイントートバッグ+お礼メッセージビデオ+バックステージパス

LOVE OOO! T-shirt(special in selectable colors, with your name printed), exclusively designed by HARO + Maniacal tote bag, exclusively designed by HARO + Special thank you movie + Backstage pass

The complete edition of OOO!7’s exclusive merchandise, amazingly topped off with a backstage pass!!!! No one will doubt you’re the VIP your highness!!!!!!

値段を選んでください / Choose your price


葉朗 / HARO

シルクスクリーンプリンター/グラフィックデザイナー Silk screen print artist / Graphic designer
1983年広島県生/広島在住。雑誌の様な興味の固まりを少しづつ発射させては、次々と"諦めて"行った末のサイケデリア考察渡航船乗組員。特殊漫画大統領・根本敬の自家ブランド「家作」所属。アートワーク・デザインは「葉朗」、シルクスクリーンプリントは「HARO WORKS」として活動中。好きな花はクリサンセマム・パルドサム。

Born in 1983, in Hiroshima, lives there on present day. Little by little has he emitted masses of interest in magazine-like forms, as well as “given up” one after another, now existing in the aftermath as an analyst slash crew member of a ship to Psychedelia. Also a member of the 「家作(casa-cue)」, original brand of Takashi Nemoto, President of “Tokushu-Manga”(distinctive manga artwork). Artwork design is done under the name「葉朗(HARO)」, silk screen print under「HARO WORKS」. His favorite flower is Chrysanthemum paludosum.

銀行振込 / Bank transfer

銀行振込をご希望の方は、 ご希望のパック、送付先の氏名、住所、電話番号(不都合無ければ)を明記の上、

If you would prefer bank transfer, please contact us with which package you choose, your shipping address, phone number (if no problem)